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  • BC-CR738 EUI EUP HEUI common rail injector pump test bench

BC-CR738 EUI EUP HEUI common rail injector pump test bench

For BOSCH DENSO DELPHI SIEMENS PIEZO all common rail injector test,for all common rail pump test,test EUI EUP/ HEUI injector, Bosch iqa coding function,with remote assistant software.

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1.Integrated motor cast base with fine concentricity and less vibration and noisy.
2.Fine metal work and outlook design with sliding doors,easy and safe operation.
3.Industrial control computer with touch screen,aviation button and strong mobile wheels.
4.High pressure rail with filter,twin DRV and sensors,filter block alarm.
5.Forced cooling system with integrated exchanger of cooling and evaporating in the bank.
6.Enough working space,upgrading modularity, bank overflow alarm.
7.A loop control of the temperatures of tanks,inlet and backflow by high-precision sensors.
8. A fine testing and screen display of the pressures of inlet,backflow and pump chamber by high-precision sensors.
9.An Integrated WIFI to provide remote control and upgrading, and to reduce the service waiting time.
10.Pressure self-adjustment in HEUI system  with high precision, without errors by an optional manual operation.  
11.With HEUI testing patent applicable for injectors of CAT C7/C9/C-9/3126B/3412E/ISUZU.  
12.With mount patent for HEUI actuating pump, applicable for pumps of C7/C9/C-9/3126B without a gear dismount.
13.With patent of air-out switch valve and high-precision German flowmeter to ensure the same accuracy as BOSCH equipment, to improve the testing efficiency.
14.With patent of hydro-circuit  and air-out control technology, no air-out steps in need under any working conditions. There are no differences under the repeated 10 times testing on the same injector especially.
15.With patent of injector fixture to ensure an universal use of all injectors with high service efficiency.
16.Automatic AHE testing without an injector dismounting.
17.capable for ZME testing through programed software, by matching and setting-up the flow characteristics freely.
18.The electronic system has the same function of pulse control as ECU with an improved voltage circuit, to ensure an exact trigger of any OEM injectors with different resistances and inductances. A self-definition and programming of the voltage,current and timing for the lifting,absorbing and holding of the solenoid injectors.
19.A flexible setting-up  of the drive and back voltage for piezo injectors.
20.An IQA Coding for BOSCH injectors enable to re-set the injection and re-create IQA code  without an injector repairing,to improve and optimize the starting and accelaration of the engine.   
21.An accurate testing of the CR pump pressure and flow characteristic and a distinguishing of camshaft based on the sensor of CAT 320D pump. 
22.An accurate testing of the pressure and flow characteristic of the HEUI actuator OF CAT pump, as well the internal control valve of CAT actuator.
23.CR pump testing (setting-up pressures of inlet,backflow):
1).pump chamber pressure; 2). fuel supply; 3) backflow; 4) self-absorbing;5).metering unit performance (current/ flow ratio);6).pump static state;7).fuel supply under max rail pressure;8).fuel supply under max rotation;9).fuel supply under starting state.
24. Integrated cambox for EUI/EUP,solid cast with reliable life span, easily change the original OEM cams with different lifts and  molded lines according to the real testing conditions. For Cummins PT Injector,no need to change the camshaft like usual equipment made in China, with the rotary screw and dial disc for spring pre-compress, the testing result is exactly in accordance with the Hartridge machine,which are capable for all kinds of EUPs including NYC,WEITE,BOSCH,DELPHI,BENZ,LONGBENG, and EUIs including DELPHI,DELPHI E3,CUMMINS,BOSCH,CAT,CAT Mechanical,DETRIOT, VOLKSWAGEN,SIEMENS,etc.



Three             singleoptional





Main motor 


Main motor rotation

0-4000 RPM/MIN

Oil motor HP/ Flow 

0.19KW   /   13L/MIN

Diesel motor HP /Flow

0.19KW   /   13L/MIN

Control circuit voltage

DC12V/24V  350W 

ECU internal voltage

0-200V  DCMAX)

Oil tank volume


Diesel Tank volume


Temperature control

Heating/Forced cooling

Max rail pressure

180MPa         240MPaoptional



Flowmeterpump supply


Flowmeterpump flowback




center distance between motor and working bench




Outlook size net


Wooden cage



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