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  • QCM200 Automatic Detecting Analyzing and Cleaning Tester

QCM200 Automatic Detecting Analyzing and Cleaning Tester

6 Cylinders Fule injector cleaner and fuel injector cleaner advanced injector clean machine 6C QCM200


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1. Optimal cleaning effect by powerful ultrasonic technique

2. Adopt unique infinitely variable pressure adjustment

3. Feature with protective device for pump overtime running

4. Imitated nine running state of engine for choice

5. Clearly observe the injecting state with fluorescence

6. Suit to test the high/low resistance .voltage/current injectors.

7. Time or count test mode for choice

8. Returning the test fuel by solenoid valve .

9. Buile in protective device for over heat

10. Build in two stage filter system for test fuel.

11. Automatically simulate the nine running state to make test nine memory program

12. Ultrasonic device in the drawer

13. Sharp design for anti-dirt cover

Technical Parameter:

1.color Red

2.cyclinder 6

3.Pulse width 0-20ms; step 0.1 ms

4.Time range 10000s(adjustable)

5.Injection time 0~600sec; step 1sec

6.system pressure 0~6kg/cm²

7.power supply AC110/AC220V±10%50HZ

8.Input power 300W

9.Test liquid tank volume 6L

10 ultrasonic timing range 1~30min

11.ultrasonic frequency 25KHz

12 Testing tube volume 120ml

13 Dimension: 590mm×500mm×730mm;

14. weight 54KG

Main functions:

Engine injector cleaning and detecting;

Test 6 injectors in one time

Injector fuel distribution and delivery checking;

Engine on-car cleaning;

Leakage hunting;

Injector cleaning;

Optional language applicable including English,Spanish, Arabic,Russian

LED display with clear menu and easy operation;

Wide models can be tested with stable performance and reliable data;

Liquid in tube drain back to tank automatically;

Separated ultrasonic bath(Installed in cabinet);

Optional:Special adapter for MONO & Side-feed injector;

Packed inside dolly when shipped,CBM save.


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